Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vegetarian Ravioli Lasanga

I love anything Italian. Pasta, cannelloni, pizza - anything with sauce and cheese. Oh, how I love my pasta sauce.

Since becoming vegetarian I've had to adapt to making food filling without the use of meat, and one of the little things I've learned is that making any type of Italian dish is easy. You can substitute meat for tofu, spinach, broccoli - whatever. But I'm a very simple person. So all you need for this recipe is a few things.


-Jar/Can of pasta sauce (any kind of will do)
-Cheese, one or more types (I use mozzarella but your favorite is what goes best)
-Your favorite ravioli


-Oven-safe bowl, box, or cake pan
-Cheese grater

This recipe is so simple that even putting it into steps seems ridiculous. Alas, I shall do it anyway.

Step One:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and start grating your cheese. When you have your desired amount, put it aside and grab your ravioli and sauce.

Step Two:

Put a generous layer of sauce on the bottom and edges of you cookware pan. This will keep the ravioli from sticking or burning. Arrange each ravioli close together in your desired cookware until you have enough or have completely covered the bottom of your pan. Make sure the cookware is tall in height as ravioli will expand and get larger, taking up more room and may spill if there is no space. Next add the sauce being generous with the amounts, making sure it not only covers the ravioli but also gets in between each individual packet.

Step Three:

Add cheese on top. If you are adding another layer, simply stack your ravioli upon the cheese and repeat step two. You don't not have to have a perfect amount to fit the cookware.

Step Four:

Cover your ravioli with tinfoil or a baking lid, put in oven, and set timer for 45 minutes. It won't always be ready at that time and can take up to an hour, so keep an eye on how it's cooking during that time.

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