Sunday, January 26, 2014

Un-Posted Works in Progress

After disappearing for a year, Ivan Morris returns silent. No names, no bruises, just a mysterious scar running down his chest and a refusal to return to his once normal life. If that isn't enough to make Tipper Mae distraught, she was the last one to see Ivan before he left, covered in blood. Now back, she vows to find out what happened to him, but Ivan won't talk.
So Tipper does the only thing she can do - she spies. And when she gets caught, well, curiosity may have just killed the cat in more ways than one.

 He was all loud music and clothes-covered floors. She was all day dreaming and french vanillas. Two lives, just trying to get by in a city full of people.

Currently working on this series right now behind the scenes, but the summary is still a work in progress. Thought I would at least give you the name! ^_^

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