Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Writers Helping Writers

If you know me from Wattpad, then you know Wattpad is filled with amateur writers. And I don't mean that in a negative way. I mean it as Wattpad is where a lot of young writers are just starting out or even trying to get better at writing. And as a website of writers and also readers, should we not be helping each other out? Not everyone is fantastic the moment they start writing. That's why we provide positive feedback with helpful ways to improve. Not negative comments that make the writer feel bad about themselves.

First of all, this isn't a rant. I've received many negative comments, even hate comments in the past. And after reading through the author who wrote the above comment and all the other ones she's written on my story, I actually find it hilarious. 

How are we supposed to improve if people are putting us down? Why do people leave such rude comments in the first place? Does it make themselves feel better? Do they want to put us down? I honestly have no idea.

As writers, we should stick together and help each other. We all have different struggles in our writing and different weaknesses. But that doesn't mean we should pick each other apart. Everyone has to start somewhere, and even if that somewhere doesn't feel very good at first, it does get better.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Un-Posted Works in Progress

After disappearing for a year, Ivan Morris returns silent. No names, no bruises, just a mysterious scar running down his chest and a refusal to return to his once normal life. If that isn't enough to make Tipper Mae distraught, she was the last one to see Ivan before he left, covered in blood. Now back, she vows to find out what happened to him, but Ivan won't talk.
So Tipper does the only thing she can do - she spies. And when she gets caught, well, curiosity may have just killed the cat in more ways than one.

 He was all loud music and clothes-covered floors. She was all day dreaming and french vanillas. Two lives, just trying to get by in a city full of people.

Currently working on this series right now behind the scenes, but the summary is still a work in progress. Thought I would at least give you the name! ^_^

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Am I the only one?

Every night I feel like I accomplished nothing and vow to not sleep in the next day, to write, to do homework, do things that need to get done. And then when tomorrow actually rolls around, I sleep, I sleep some more, I get up and watch The Vampire Diaries and then I end up being a couch potato all day in a ball of tired, winter blues.

Now don't get me wrong, I love being outside. I love the fresh air, nature, walking - everything. But with winter being so cold this year and dreary, I hardly ever go anywhere or do anything. I feel so lazy, so unaccomplished. I literally sit around and watch TV for hours on end or play video games instead of doing the things I love.

I seriously need spring to come and save me before I turn into couch potato mush. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome lovelies!
Today embarks the beginning of a journey - a blogging journey. Since I no longer have Facebook and Wattpad updates tend to get lost in the mix, I decided to make this blog to share my life, my writing and things on my mind.

So if you're interested, and I hope you, join the blog and follow me for updates as I begin to post! :)