Monday, January 12, 2015

I Have The Perfect Hamster

Is anything cuter than that? He's my perfect little fluff ball who I have to brush on a regular basis, who cleans his cage for me, and who has the best cuddles in the world. But despite all this, a few days ago, Milo surprised me in the best way ever.

I'm not a very forgetful person, so I don't leave my hamster out running wild or leave him starving. However, he has to parts of his cage that I can open. One is the top burrow compartment, where he sleeps and hides all his food, and below is the normal cage door, which I only open at night to hold him when he's finally awake. But the other day, after checking on him in his burrow, I opened the cage to check his water - and somehow managed to forget to close it.

Now my room is a giant mess at the moment. The floor is covered with clothes and nonsense, and I also have a bed that is a black hole of messiness underneath. So what does Milo do, when he wakes up and realizes that the world is in his paws? He conquers my room, comes out into the hall, and finds me in the living room. Then he sits at my feet until I stand up and notice him - and also have a mini heart attack.

He literally came to say, "hey Mom, you left the door open. Go close it!"

My hamster didn't even escape. He came to let me know what I did. Isn't that seriously amazing? I still can't believe it.

Milo got lots of cuddles, kisses and treats after that. I think he's pretty happy with himself.

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