Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I'm Doing Instead of Writing

I'm the worst person for procrastinating. In high school, I left the big project to the night before (sometimes the morning before) and wound up getting it done that way instead of ahead of time. That being said, I do that for things I love, too. Especially writing. Maybe if I keep track of what I'm doing so I don't have to write, I'll switch up my procrastination routine.

1. Video games are my worst enemy. I can go for hours on end without realizing how much time is passing, or tell myself I'll stop after one round of that game - but I won't.

2. iPod Apps. You know the ones that you have to check periodically because certain tasks take real time, so when you put it down you pick it right back up again and wonder, 'hey, my wheat is probably done growing by now.'

3. Milo snuggles will keep me immobile - and unable to type, for as long as he will cuddle and sleep with me.
4. I will actually clean to procrastinate writing. I hate cleaning. I love writing. How is this possible?

5. Browse social media and refresh it every minute as if something groundbreaking is unfolding.

6. Being talked into playing World of Warcraft by my boyfriend. Just one dungeon, he says. It is never just one.

7. Watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

8. Organizing things I used to procrastinate doing.

9. Answering inbox's, messages, comments, emails, etc.

10. Complaining that I never write anymore.

11. Being melodramatic about stupid things.

12. Retaking a million snap chat pictures because I look like I've been doing meth.

13. Reading so I simply don't have to write.

14. Watching YouTube until I'm all caught up on my subscriptions. Then watching other things so I don't have to move.

15. Scrolling through Twitter and reading drama that I had no idea was happening.

16. Googling information on that drama so I am well informed to pick a side.

17. Internet stalking the life out of the people involved in that drama because I'm a horrible person.

18. Getting story ideas from that situation and not writing them.

19. Daydreaming about being a writer.

20. Doing literally nothing.

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