Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2015 Goals


1. Study Japanese fluidly

2. Get my high school diploma

3. Write every day

4. Publish/Self-Publish a novel

5. Workout on a regular basis

6. Get a job

7. Be responsible for my own life

8. Keep my room clean (I'm going to regret this)

9. Go camping alone with the boo

10. Learn to be a better cook

11. Stop swearing like a truck driver

12. Get my anxiety and depression under control/stop being so worried about how I feel

13. Get rid of things I don't need (I'm sorry future Lindsay. It has to happen. You have too much stuff)

14. Continue gardening

15. Start cosplaying

16. Finish all the TV shows I'm in the middle of

17. Start a savings account

18. Be proud of myself

19. Gain more confidence and stop being so scared of living

20. Get driver's licence

21. Stop drinking regular milk

22. Have more solo dance parties in my room

23. Spend more time with friends

24. Get back into writing

25. Start drawing again

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