Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Bad Day Cure

Bubble bath

Everyone has bad days where they can't seem to get out of their down mood. Being me, I have a lot of them on a regular basis so I've had to develop some cures to alter how I feel. Here's my favorite. 

The Bad Day Bubble Bath

Step One: Run water to desired temperature and start filling your bathtub.

Step Two: Add in either a bath balm, bubbles or crystals. Trust me. Nothing makes a good bath like yummy scents and soft skin.

Step Three: Grab your favorite comfy clothes, a good book, and some slippers.

Step Four: Get a wine glass and fill it with whatever you want to drink. Personally, I hate wine, but love the glasses. I usually fill them with juice just because I feel so fancy using them.

Step Five: Candles. How many is up to you, just be careful that they don't start a fire!

Step Six: Face mask. Honestly, the best feeling after a bath is washing it off and feeling how refreshed your skin is. 

Step Seven: Music is optional. Put on your favorite sing-along playlist or go to 8tracks online and find one that's relaxing.

Step Eight: Enjoy!

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